Birch Plywood

How to coat Birch Plywood

Coating your Birch Plywood helps with longivity and creates a clean finish that will make your cabinetry, furniture or wall linings stand out.

First you want to make sure your birch plywood is free of any excess glue and dust. A light sand to remove any glue, then a blower to remove any dust off the Birch Plywood.

Setup your Birch Plywood furniture or cabinetry in a dust free environment. If you are coating Birch Plywood wall linings try clean up as much of the dust in the area before coating.

We suggest using Osmo to coat your Birch Plywood as it's hard wearing, easy to apply and creates an excellent finish. We really like the white wash Osmo on the Birch Plywood as it enhances the light colour of Birch.

Start by using a specialized Osmo application cloth and wipe an even coat over the Birch Plwood. Allow the Birch Plywood to dry for 24 hours before you apply the second coat.

The beauty of Osmo as a product is that if you notice any defects that you missed in your preparation you can sand your Birch Plywood and reapply the Osmo.

Best of luck with your Birch Plywood projects!

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